National Award Winners!

Jane Grech – Founder

We were so thrilled to recently win ‘Best Team Culture’ in the 2021 ‘What’s On 4 Kids’ National Awards.  The culture at DanceArts is fundamental to our past and future success and is based on our foundational values:

Rise Up

We tackle challenges and setbacks with optimism and positivity. We empower each other to rise up and flourish.

Kindness Tribe

We know together is better and believe being kind is cool. We foster a community of friendship, connection and belonging.   

Come as you are

We embrace uniqueness, diversity and individualism. We encourage self-love and value others for their true selves.

Mind your mind

We advance wellbeing through feeding a growth mindset, positive affirmations and knowledge that grit, resilience and working through ‘failures’ are essential to learning.


We share an attitude of gratitude.  We love what we do and are grateful for opportunities to dance with and for others.   

Be here now

We are here now. We focus on the present rather than fast forwarding the future. Celebrating childhood, we let kids be little and our experiences mirror the maturity of our students.

 Our team not only know our values but regularly discusses ways they can live and support the values.  They are our North Star. Dance teachers at DanceArts are hired for their expertise in their genre, and their alignment with our Values, Philosophy and Culture. As a result, our teaching team is committed to using dance as a positive and significant way to impact hundreds of young children each year.

The DanceArts team works incredibly hard to provide the best tuition and experience for the students, and winning this Award is a wonderful acknowledgement of their professionalism, dedication and consistently high levels of service, and we congratulate each and every one of them.