We fail together!

Jane Grech – Founder

With research indicating that girl’s confidence plummets by 30% between the ages of 8 and 14, it’s more important than ever to provide environments where mistakes are welcomed and failure is encouraged.

Confidence hinges on action, and that process usually involves some struggle and failure as well. When girls try new things, hard things, their confidence grows. If they stay in their comfort zone and only do things they are good at doing, they won’t grow in confidence.

When I teach our students new skills you will often hear me say “You’re not meant to be able to do this yet. Let’s fail together, make more mistakes so I can give you more feedback, and try again.”

At DanceArts we pride ourselves on creating a psychologically safe environment where we gently guide students through discomfort and eventually celebrate their success and confidence alongside of them. As a dance teacher, this process can span 10 minutes, one year or in many cases ten years.

We grow in confidence together!