We move your heart

We believe in the dance studio as a ‘third place’ – a community that serves as an anchor for our students where they can feel safe, nurtured and encouraged.

Whether your child is 3, 18 or anywhere in between, our purpose is to be a positive influence in their life.  DanceArts provides high quality dance tuition delivered with care and kindness. Through our time together we create opportunities to help your child flourish and thrive as a young person.

Every day, our students are growing as dancers and as individuals. We delight in helping their confidence and self-esteem soar, from their first tentative steps into the studio to leaping courageously into the workforce or University life.

Together, our students, families and our team believe in our Manifesto:

We tackle challenges and setbacks with optimism and positivity. We empower each other to rise up and flourish.

We know together is better and believe being kind is cool. We foster a community of friendship, connection and belonging.

We embrace uniqueness, diversity and individualism. We encourage self-love and value others for their true selves.

We advance wellbeing through feeding a growth mindset, positive affirmations and knowledge that grit, resilience and working through ‘failures’ are essential to learning.

We share an attitude of gratitude.  We love what we do and are grateful for opportunities to dance with and for others.

We are here now. We focus on the present rather than fast forwarding the future. Celebrating childhood, we let kids be little and our experiences mirror the maturity of our students.


DanceArts is the result of passion, purpose, dreaming and dedication. Founded by Jane Grech in 2006, it was known as Jane Grech Dance Centre until 2021, however the foundations were poured years, decades even, prior.

Thankfully, at a young age, Jane was introduced to ballet and dance. Each year she would fall more deeply into the art, loving the music, the discipline, the performances and the friends. But mostly, she loved the feeling in her body and her heart.

While high school peers struggled to know what to do with their lives, by Year 9 Jane had a fierce and fiery determination. Her love of children, teaching and dance would joyfully melt together. With no suitable courses in Adelaide, Jane left for Melbourne, becoming a fully qualified dance teacher and studio owner in 2000. A passionate learner, Jane continues to study and has numerous qualifications in Dance Teaching, Pilates and conditioning, Training and Assessment, Leadership and Management to name a few.

Despite enjoying the vibrant Melbourne arts life and her time at Victorian Ballet School, Jane returned to Adelaide to teach at her childhood dance studio, Terry Simpson Studios. Her own ballet teachers, Susan Taylor and Terry Simpson, were fundamental in the shaping of who Jane was and is. A constant presence in her foundational childhood years, they taught dance with love, heart and a touch of crazy – the same model which now drives Jane, and all of DanceArts, daily.

Starting with just 31 students, at it’s peak, Jane Grech Dance Centre grew to serve more than 1000 students, spanning 6 branches in North Eastern Adelaide. The motto ‘Sharing our love of dance’ was truly alive. Knowing the impact that dance had on her, Jane wanted every child to experience the same joy. Steadily growing from a ‘one man band’ the team quickly grew to 25 teachers and support staff and in 2012 moved into the current Modbury North studios. Throughout this time the inaugural students of 2006 grew from children to adults, and it was a privilege to help them navigate this journey. Whist pre-schoolers and Jane’s bespoke program, ‘Dance Magic’ had been the focus for many years, it was becoming clear that tween and teen students needed as much love, guidance and attention, if not more.

In 2018 Jane began the courageous decision to start to downsize the studio, steadily closing the branches so that the focus, and impact on students, and their individual journeys could be further magnified. Heading towards its 15th birthday, the studio was also coming of age, and the new vision for DanceArts was brought to life.

DanceArts exists to move your child’s heart. Whether you are looking for a first dance class for your pre schooler or a carefully curated technical program that supports the mind, body and craft, we’ve got you covered.

Jane Grech Dance Centre served as our opening Chapter. 

Now, as DanceArts, you are invited to join us for the next.


Kerry Burton

Kerry Burton



“Life itself is a privilege, but to live life to the fullest – well, that is a choice.”

Project Manager and Teacher Leader extraordinaire, Kerry guides DanceArts through every part of the year with compassion and competence. Luckily, she looks good in hats, because she wears many of them.

Suzy  McGahey

Suzy McGahey

Customer Relationships Manager


“Be that kind of soul that makes EVERYBODY feel like a SOMEBODY.”

Suzy warmly welcomes our families to the Centre with sincerity and enthusiasm. As our main contact for DanceArts families, ‘Smiley’ Suzy is organised and helpful. She’s our go-to girl, and she’ll soon be yours as well!

Brian Grech

Brian Grech

Finance Director


“If you want to feel rich, just count the things you have that money can’t buy.”

Formidable in stature, but kind of heart, Brian keeps the cogs whirring with all things finance. You might also find him painting the studios, stage managing the performances or even fitting a ballet shoe in the DanceArts boutique.

Jane Grech

Jane Grech



“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Spirited and compelling, Jane weaves magic behind the scenes and in the studio. With a sense of fun and purpose, Jane provides the vision and direction for DanceArts, secure in the belief that the work she does here makes a difference in the lives of many.

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Sue Lloyd


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Jemma Hosking


Ella Coates


Shayla Burton


Maddison Towns


Jesinta Claughton


Professional Associations


DanceArts is proud to be the founding school of the now global DanceStep program.

DanceStep is a formalised and progressive Dance Student Teacher Education Program which empowers students to serve as role models, grow as leaders and care for others in our dance studio community.

Youth Protection Advocates in Dance

DanceArts is a YPAD Certified studio. DanceArts faculty have completed online certification that covers emotional and physical health and sexual safety of youth in performing arts.


DanceArts is proudly associated with Australian Teachers of Dance who provide high quality, research based and innovative systems of training.

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