We move your heart

We believe in the dance studio as a ‘third place’ – a community that serves as an anchor for our students where they can feel safe, nurtured and encouraged.

Whether your child is 3, 18 or anywhere in between, our purpose is to be a positive influence in their life.  DanceArts provides high quality dance tuition delivered with care and kindness. Through our time together we create opportunities to help your child flourish and thrive as a young person.

Every day, our students are growing as dancers and as individuals. We delight in helping their confidence and self-esteem soar, from their first tentative steps into the studio to leaping courageously into the workforce or University life.

Together, our students, families and our team believe in our Manifesto:

Our mission is not solely to produce exceptional dancers but to nurture confident, empathetic, and respectful individuals who carry these qualities beyond the dance floor.

We strive to create a supportive community where students can forge lasting friendships, share their passion for dance, and celebrate each other’s accomplishments. Join us on this enriching dance journey at DanceArts, where creativity, dedication, and joy converge to create lifelong memories and a strong foundation for a future filled with dance and so much more.

Let’s dance, learn, and grow together!


Yasmin Sayah

Principal and Owner

Suzy McGahey


Ella Coates

Student Experiences Coordinator, Junior Dance Club and Academy Teacher

Donna Woodward

Pirouettes Coordinator and Academy Teacher

Gabrielle Smith

Customer Relationships Coordinator

Sue Lloyd

Academy Teacher

Ella Kelsey

Junior Dance Club and Academy Teacher

Mikhailey Moses

Junior Dance Club and Academy Teacher

Hannah Hulley

Academy Teacher

Breanna Childs

Academy Teacher

Zara Fergusson

Academy Teacher

Yenika Kurtzer

Junior Dance Club Teacher

Abbey McGahey

Junior Dance Club Teacher

Isabella Griffiths

Junior Dance Club Teacher

Professional Associations


DanceArts is proud to be the founding school of the now global DanceStep program.

DanceStep is a formalised and progressive Dance Student Teacher Education Program which empowers students to serve as role models, grow as leaders and care for others in our dance studio community.

Youth Protection Advocates in Dance

DanceArts is a YPAD Certified studio. DanceArts faculty have completed online certification that covers emotional and physical health and sexual safety of youth in performing arts.

Australian Conservatoire of Ballet

DanceArts is proudly associated with Australian Conservatoire of Ballet who provide high quality, research based and innovative systems of training.

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