child safe policies


Statement of Our Commitment

DanceArts is committed in provided a centre whereby children can dance free from harm, danger and abuse. This Child Safe Policy is our commitment in ensuring our centre, staff and volunteers maintain a child safe environment complying with the obligations under the Children’s Protection Act 1993

Children’s Participation

DanceArts understands that building a relationship on trust is the best way of having children and young people communicate concerns of feeling unsafe. We encourage all students to share their concerns and will act upon these wherever possible. We respect the views and suggestions that students and young people express. Our objective is to ensure our centre and community is safe for all children and young people.


Ensuring We Have The Right People In Place

At DanceArts we ensure that all staff have been screened in accordance with standard set out by The Department of Human Services. South Australia has introduced stronger, more effective, and transparent screening laws for people working with children. The new laws mean that, from 1 July 2019, everyone working or volunteering with children must have valid child-related screening. These screening must be updated every three years or when they expire prior to any contract renewals.

DanceArts also hold staff training each term to ensure Teachers are reminded about Child Safe policy and the steps and procedures required to ensure children or young people in our care are free from harm or abuse.
All staff receive a copy of our Child Safe policy and are required to sign off on our Guiding policy and Code of Conduct each year.
Staff are also directed to further external site for more information
Child safe environment
Child Protection SA reporting child abuse website
• Free online SMART (Strategies for Managing Abuse Related Trauma) Learning package, developed by the Australian Childhood Foundation


Reporting or Responding to suspicion that a child or young person may be at risk

DanceArts has instructed all Staff to follow processes set out for mandatory notifiers. For this reason we have created our policy to notify any suspicious behaviour of abuse or Neglect. Staff have been instruction to report any suspicious behaviour in the first instance to Directors Jane Grech and Brian Grech. Staff or a director will then report the incident or suspicion to the Child Abuse Report Line on 13 14 78 as soon as reasonable practicable. If we believed a child or young person is in immediate danger a report will be issued to SA Police on 11444.

Any individual being investigated and/or charged for an offence relating to abuse, neglect or harm or any serious criminal offence relating to a child or young person will be requested to vacate our centre. This restriction will stay in place until such time as the individual in question is cleared. DanceArts will continually monitor these situations and work in conjunction with the Child Abuse Helpline to best manage the situation to ensure the safety of all parties involved.


It is not the sole responsibility of DanceArts to be vigil in identifying suspicious behaviour around Child abuse, neglect or harm. Everyone has a responsibility to ensure our community whether it be internal or not is safe for children and young people. We encourage our community to work together in creating and maintain a safe environment. Should anyone feel there is a concern it is encourage that they contact Child Abuse Report Line on 13 14 78 as soon as reasonable practicable. Should anyone not feel comfortable doing this please speak to one of our staff members. If anyone person believes the abuse, neglect or harm is being carried out by a staff member or volunteer associated with the Centre we urge that this be reported immediately to either director Jane Grech or Brian Grech for a swift response and intervention.

It is important to remember that even if a report is made that child or young person, immediate family or the notifier may need further support.


Harassment and Bullying

At DanceArts we agree to uphold the principles of equal employment opportunity and maintain a work environment free from discrimination, harassment, workplace bullying and victimisation for all staff and to all that visit or attend our centre. We take these matters very seriously and encourage any individual or parent/career to report incidents to the classroom teachers. If the matter involves the teacher we request the matter to be raised with Directors Jane Grech or Brian Grech for a swift response and intervention.


Policy Review

This policy and any subsequent policy will be reviewed annually. We do this to ensure we are ensuring the safety of children and young people in our care. We also are aware of legislative changes that continually amend and alter the action required or our responsibilities.



This policy is available for review on our webpages at any time. Should a parent or career request a hard copy of this policy or our policy on How to identify and Report an Incident of Child Abuse, Neglect or Harm they are requested to speak with our Customer Service Manager Suzy McGahey. Your request can be in person at our front desk located at Unit 4 – 247 Milne Road Modbury North SA 5092.

Alternatively you can email for a copy.